Our Passion is Paso Fino Horses


R & D Farms offers a unique opportunity for anyone interested in purchasing a Paso Fino or finding out more about the breed. Richard invites you to come and ride the trails on one of his Paso Finos to help you make your decision. He has three lovely Paso Finos to choose from, one stallion and two geldings, all of which gait naturally resulting in unequaled comfort and smoothness for the rider. Depending on your level of experience, you can try one or all of the horses, and determine which one suits you best. Usually most people start with Defensor, then move to Saturno and then, if they wish, they ride the stallion Farahon. Each horse has different characteristics and different qualities. Once you have determined the best match of temperament and type of horse for you, Richard will help you find the perfect Paso Fino for your level of riding and experience. Richard knows how to look in a horse’s eye and see the good honest horse that is in there. He also understands that something special happens between people and Paso Finos when the match is right.

Frequently, Richard enlists the help of his good friends, Kay and Chips Chiappetta from Quinta Chiappetta in Kentucky and their trainer Ricky Mendoza to help him find the perfect horse. Ricky Mendoza has a way with horses and is particularly good at finding Paso Finos for amateur owner riders. He can also start young horses, retrain horses with problems, and prepare horses for the show ring. Visitors are always welcome to go to Quinta Chiappetta to experience some of the smoothest and the best trained Paso Finos for both the show ring and the trail.

Richard and Granddaughter

Richard on Farahon and his Granddaughter, Eleeza on Saturno QC.


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