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R & D Farms would like to congratulate our past human and horse partners.
The Little Grey Horse (A Scooter, Richard, Heike story)
Principio de Su Casa, Registration #34,731(Scooter is a grandson to Capuchino, and a grandson to Iglesia LaCe, daughter of the foundation sire Mar de Plata LaCe.)
Paso Fino Jumping

Scooter is very talented at free jumping.

Here I was, 40 something, finally in a position to fulfill my life long dream of owning a horse. I researched different breeds and was fascinated with what Paso enthusiasts had to say about the Paso Fino horse.
I attended my first Gaited horse show in the fall of 2007 at the Erin Fall Fair. That is where I first met Richard. During a nice sunny afternoon, as my husband Mike and I were walking through the horse trailers, the clouds opened up and we were drenched by a fall rain storm. Richard & Defensor QC were standing under the awning of their trailer with with his friend John and Saturno QC, and he kindly invited us under his shelter to stay somewhat dry. That’s where it all began. I got to sit on both horses and shortly after that tried out a few other Paso’s. I was hooked. This was the breed for me. I loved all the Paso Fino horse had to offer, the smooth ride, the beauty and the intelligence.
Heike and Scooter

Scooter and Heike

Richard and I chatted often in the winter of 07/08 discussing my riding experience (novice all the way), what I wanted from a horse, mare or gelding and so forth. So the hunt for a horse began. In the spring of 08, Richard called me up to tell me about a horse that he thought would be suitable. Shortly after that, Richard packed up and headed for Kentucky to check out the horse (Scooter) as well as a couple of others. Scooter passed Richards scrutiny and was brought back to Canada. Needless to say, the first time I saw Scooter at R & D Farms, I knew he was the horse for me. It has been a year now that Richard brought Scooter and me together and I can’t thank him enough. Scooter and I have developed a partnership that still has me in awe. He is an awesome trail horse, always willing, lots of stamina, safe and reliable. In the fall we went to our first Charity Orienteering Event and we did our team proud. When we couldn’t get out on the trail during the winter, he not only adjusted to arena riding, but when on a whim I tried to jump him, we discovered that he loves to jump. You won’t see us at Spruce Meadows, but we’re having a blast. He is so smart that we started teaching him tricks; and began clicker training him; he picks things up so quickly. This all led to teaching him to free jump and he’s a natural, of course his cuteness factor helps. Next winter watch for upcoming pictures of us playing soccer in the arena.
Paso Fino Gelding

Scooter grazing at R and D Farms

I love my little Paso Fino horse. His versatility; his willingness; his courage; his ability to forgive me my mistakes and his kind nature all make for an outstanding equine partner. I anticipate we will have many happy years in our future. Both Scooter and I are fortunate that Richard brought us together and continues to be a good friend. I often call on Richard for his expertise and guidance (being a first time horse owner, I have lots of questions) and can’t express my gratitude for his interest in our continued well being. If you are thinking about acquiring a Paso Fino horse, I highly recommend you start with Richard Roy.

Richard Roy
295 Sawmill Road
St. Catharines, Ontario
L2R 6P7

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